The etching process involves using a resist to remove targeted areas of a particular metal. 
The etched areas can be filled with a wide variety of rich colored paints, enamels or left blank for a more natural look.

Long lasting, durable, depth in look & feel. If the color fades, the image is still seen over time.

Chemical etching is the ultimate for marking and decorating metal. Its fine detail, multi-dimensional appearance, and durability make it the preferred marking process for awards, plaque plates, name badges, wallet cards, and even commercial plates. 

Etching combines the artistry of chemical engraving with the precision of computer generated graphics to create works of extraordinary quality and beauty. The art or the background can be recessed in the metal to create a texture and look that is unmatched with other marking processes. This look can be further enhanced by including color filling, frosting, or applying a hand-rubbed antique finish. We can also combine etching with screen printing or sublimation to further augment its color and perceived value. Our exclusive ColorFrostTM line is the result of the innovative combination of etching and other printing processes.

The appearance can be further tailored by selecting metals with different colors and finishes. We etch on brass, aluminum, copper, nickel silver, and stainless steel, and each adds their own unique properties.

It would be our pleasure to assist you with your custom etch products, please contact us at 800-395-2570 or and allow our customer service staff to guide you through the process.

Etching Finished