Custom Metal Products

We use over 130 different types of sheet metal to fabricate hundreds of shapes in a variety of imprinting methods, including: chemical etching, screen printing, embossing, sublimation and laser and mechanical engraving.

When designing metal plates, the material you choose is a very important decision. Some materials will hold up better in harsh environments, some will provide a more upscale look and others will only work with specific imprinting processes. 


A few quick notes on our metals:



One of the most popular due to its ease-of-use (shearing, die cutting, engraving), economy and availability in a variety of colors. It is also often created from recycled material, which makes it very popular for those looking for “green” products. Available in thickness from .020″ to .125″

Anodized Aluminum: This product is created through a process which allows color to penetrate the pores of the aluminum, resulting in an actual change in the color of the metal surface. Anodized aluminum is harder and more resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Coated Aluminum: Available in a variety of colors. Typically used in the award, trophy and decorative nameplate market.

Painted Aluminum: Used for commercial signs, nameplates and other industrial uses. Available in a variety of colors.



Our brass is available in several types/colors including alloy 260 yellow, 353 leaded and 230 gold. Most brass nameplates are chemically etched and color filled or frosted for a sophisticated look. Thickness ranges from .016″ to .125″ and the finishes can be bright or satin.

Nickel Silver: Also known as German Nickel is in the copper and brass family, but it is silver in color and can be utilized in many of the same applications as brass. Nickel silver is available in thicknesses of .018″ and .040″.

Copper: A soft metal which has a reddish-orange color. Copper is very desirable for the elegant look. Our copper is available in alloy 110 with a satin finish only. Thickness ranges from .020″ to .125″.



Available in both magnetic and non-magnetic forms, this product offers several varieties of hardness and corrosion resistance. Excellent for commercial nameplates in hard environments. Available in thickness from .018″ to .125″. Available allows 430, 304 and 316.