Advantages of Aluminum:

  • Economical

  • Wide variety of colors

  • Lightweight

  • Easily formed

  • Easy to cut with standard shears and dies

  • Recyclable


Aluminum is a soft silver-colored metal commonly used for trophy and plaque plates, name badges, and commercial name plates. All aluminum can be conventionally engraved, screen printed, or used with vinyl applications. Laser engraving is typically done on anodized coated aluminum. Sublimation can be achieved only on the products with a special lacquer coating.

We offer several types of aluminum to meet your imprinting needs: coated, sublimatable, anodized, marbleized, and laserable. Thicknesses range from .020” to .125” and standard sheet sizes are 12” x 24” and 24” x 48”.

The most common aluminum alloys we work with are coated: 3003-H25 and anodized:  5005-H34. Other alloys are also available - consult ID Plates for details.


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