Advantages of Brass:

  • Engraves and oxidizes extremely well

  • Creates the highest standard quality look 


Brass is one of the most popular metals for engraving.  Not only is it the most versatile and easy to work with, it is also regarded as the most attractive due to the gold look when engraved. All brass can be conventionally engraved, screen printed, or used with vinyl applications.  Most laser engraving is done on opaque-coated products that have a polished base.  Sublimation can be achieved only on the products with a clear lacquer coating.

We offer several types of brass products - coated, uncoated, leaded, marbleized, and laserable. We also have specialty metals such as nickel silver and copper that are part of the brass family. Thicknesses range from .016” to .125” and standard sheet sizes are 12” x 24” and 24” x 48”.  


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